It's Brooke!

Baltimore-based purpose-driven UX designer with a background in nonprofit and enterprise marketing operations.

Early in my career, I accompanied adults with intellectual disabilities in an inclusive intentional community. Later, I brought that person-centered approach to my work as an administrative assistant, where I designed a custom complex donation form and worked with a developer to implement the design. The design allowed the fundraising team to receive pledge donations and was in action for 3 years before the next site redesign.

I bring these formative years of deep listening, resourcefulness, and identifying needs and constraints to my UX design process, as I hope to create solutions that are inclusive, people-driven, and practical.

Brooke working on computer at coffee shot

Even more...

I'm passionate about fiber arts, sustainable living, and creating spaces where people can show up as their most authentic self.

In my free time you can find me singing a little ditty while upcycling my latest thrift find, biking around Druid Hill Park, or raving about my favorite baked goods.